Basically, milk paint is made up of milk protein, lime and then natural pigments from the earth to color the paint.  True milk paint comes in a powder form and must be mixed with water.  There are a lot of imitations out there.

Milk Paint is 100% VOC free and is truly a green paint.  It can be used on anything from walls to furniture, metal, glass, concrete, masonry and bare wood.

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Known a Chroma Color created by HGTV’s Cari Cucksey this line of premium, water-based, all purpose paint will stick to just about any surface – wood, concrete, metal, laminate, veneer and much more. It dries quickly and is a paint and primer in one!  No sanding or priming required!  This line has a gorgeous buttery satin finish, great coverage and ease of use makes it a snap to use by anyone.
The Stains….are also water based and the ideal treatment solution.  Designed to preserve and enhance all wooden surfaces.  With an ultra-low odor and soap-and-water clean up, your projects will be a breeze.  These stains will modernize and transform the wooden surface while preserving the original beauty of the woodgrain.  Currently in 12 colors.

Our Colours